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Mavala Mavaderma Nail Growth Treatment 10ML

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  • Brand: Mavala
  • Product Code: 614
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  • $17.60
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Mavala Mavaderma Nail Growth Treatment 10ML

Mavala mavaderma nail growth treatment  disease  which led to slow-growing nails.
Mavala Mavaderma Nail Growth Treatment is a clever formulation infused with vitamins, proteins and nutrients that are essential to feed the nail matrix. Once applied the product penetrates deep into the nail matrix and feeds the nail with nutrients at the same time as improving blood circulation to the area, which stimulates nail growth. The nails will grow longer, healthier and shinier than before.
Mavaderma is a protein and essential vitamins enriched nutritive oil that penetrates the pores to feed the nail matrix, in order to accelerate blood circulation and stimulate nail growth.
Apply Mavaderma to the skin below the crescent of the nail and massage with thumb gently to accelerate the penetration. Leave on until it is completely absorbed.
Never apply Mavaderma before a manicure as it will leave an oily residue which could interfere with the adherence of base coat or nail colour.


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