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Mavala Ridge Filler 10ML

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  • Brand: Mavala
  • Product Code: 321
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $17.20
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Mavala Ridge Filler 10ML

After apply Mavala Ridge Filler , the nail surface will looks smooth, firm and shiny, even do not use nail polish, nails still smooth and bright. Mavala Ridge Filler dries to a matte finish and can be worn by itself or under nail color. Ridge Filler also suitable for MEN as it provides a finished look without a heavy gloss.


How to use Mavala Ridge Filler :


  • Brush the entire surface of the nail with Ridge Filler and let it dry before continuing with your regular manicure.
  • Deep ridges may require a second coat in order to obtain a smooth finish.
  • Allow to dry and continue with your manicure or directly apply one coat of Colorfix Top Coat.


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