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DHC Vitamin C Supplement 60days 120 Tablets

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  • Brand: DHC
  • Product Code: 2312
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  • $11.50
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DHC Vitamin C Supplement 60days 120 Tablets

Each capsule of DHC Vitamin C contains 500mg of high-concentration vitamin C, which is equivalent to the vitamin C content of 33 lemons, while adding vitamin B2 with beauty function, it is a beauty vitamin that can create youthful vitality and maintain health and beauty.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid (Ascorbic acid), is one of the well-known nutrients. It not only has antioxidant effect, but also promotes collagen synthesis and helps iron absorption. It is an indispensable important vitamin for beauty and beauty. In addition, vitamin C also helps bones and teeth grow and is an essential nutrient for maintaining normal functioning of physiological functions.

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