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Biafine Emulsion Cream 186g

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  • Brand: Biafine
  • Product Code: 1843
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  • $24.00
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Biafine Emulsion Cream 186g

Biafine is used to treat burns, skin irritations, superficial wounds and dryness. Its popularity overseas has been for its hydrating properties and effectiveness on sunburned skin and scrapes. Clinical studies were conducted in the United States for burns, wound healing and radiation. According to the Biafine package insert, the FDA has approved Biafine for use in full thickness wounds, pressure sores and dermal ulcers (includes lower leg ulcers), superficial wounds, first- and second-degree burns, sunburns, dermal donor and graft site management, radiation dermatitis and minor abrasions.

Wound and burn management involve methods to enhance tissue regeneration and to minimize infection during the healing process. Since autolytic debridement is the preferred method for removing dead and scarred tissue, moist dressings are needed and must be changed daily. Biafine is liberally applied to the skin and covered with a dressing, such as gauze. The dressing is changed every 24 hours, with reapplication of Biafine.

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