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Calvin Klein CK One Eau De Toilette 100ML/3.4OZ

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  • Brand: Calvin Klein
  • Product Code: 613
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  • $39.00 $29.00
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Calvin Klein CK One Eau De Toilette 100ML/3.4OZ

 This calvin klein ck one fragrance suitable for men and women , calvin klein ck one perfume  just created a 58 million U.S. dollars of sales records across the United States and the world's perfume industry where a wave of swirling winds. Represent the personality, a unified 90 years of cK one new idea is to attract those who do not have perfume from the young man. It is a people feel warm perfume, you only need to close it, speckled body up and down it, you will be like a cup of green tea, fresh overflow of people in general.

The fresh and bright tone from the beginning of cardamom, bergamot, fresh pineapple, papaya composition; Yi Gu in tune you will find a specific scent from the jasmine, violet, rose, nutmeg in the rains; tone from two kinds of a mixture of amber new musk composition, makes people feel warm and enthusiastic, mature and extensive.

CK one was launched in 1994 by the CK's. its bottle design as Jamaica rum bottles, white transparent and frosted glass bottles, using recycled paper packaging is made of ordinary paper box. it is a green tea scented with perfume-free sex, just like Jamaica rum in the bottle of
among us, regardless of race, sex, age, share the same world. To break down gender barriers to 90-year-gender intimate sharing, from the shackles of society Noritaka and simple glass returnable packaging for the market demand, to overturn the traditional image of the perfume made of gorgeous hot.

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