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Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume EDP 100ML

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  • Brand: Calvin Klein
  • Product Code: 1209
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $56.00
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Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume EDP 100ML

Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume EDP smells elegant, feminine, warm with slight flowery undertones. The scent itself develops gradually during the entire day so you don't have to spray it every hour to make it last. With 1 spray you get a hint of the smell, with 2 you get normal "opacity" and if you do 3 sprays you'll make your perfume the center piece of your look.

Beauty Perfume by Calvin Klein, Master perfumer sophie labbe created this floral fragrance for women. The scent is dedicated to women in their forties, and celebrates their maturity, self-esteem and physical beauty. Each note co-relates to a facet of the woman. There is the top note which symbolizes her physical beauty, the heart of jasmine her self-esteem and the base note of virginian cedar which evokes her wisdom.

Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume is a perfume you can never go wrong with no matter the time of the day or the occasion.

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