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UYEKI Super Orange Deodorant Sanitizing Foam 480ml

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  • Brand: UYEKI
  • Product Code: 2193
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $26.90
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UYEKI Super Orange Deodorant Sanitizing Foam 480ml

Ancestral brand clean ancestor brand!

Concentrated dosage form! Stubborn dirt can be used directly, and slight dirt can be diluted before use!

Natural ingredients, formula that does not hurt your hands, get rid of odor and bacteria in one go!

Can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and glass 

 How to use: There is an adjustment cover at the nozzle, which can be rotated to a completely closed state when not in use. If spraying in a wide range, please open the adjustment cover. If it is concentrated or in a small range, please cover it and spray again. After use, it can be wiped / washed with a damp cloth to remove dirt.

 Ingredients: surfactant (3% alkylamine oxide), alkaline agent, solvent, orange oil, disinfectant

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