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Somatoline Cosmetic Treatment Total Body Slimming 200ml

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  • Brand: Somatoline
  • Product Code: 2156
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  • $43.00
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Somatoline Cosmetic Treatment Total Body Slimming Gel 200ml

Somatoline Cosmetic Treatment Total Body Slimming  Gel is a cool and quickly absorbable cosmetic cream gel, specifically designed for slimming and toning the entire body image, particularly in the abdomen, hips, legs and arms.

Contains PhytoSculpt-complex, a complex of active cosmetic ingredients, which through the application through massage offers triple action:

• helps reduce localized fat, thanks to its high concentration of fat-soluble active cosmetic ingredients

• prevent the recurrence of the local thickness and thus permits the maintenance of the results for longer

• tightens and tones the skin tissues.

Furthermore, PhytoSculpt-complex contains esculoside and Centella asiatica that thanks to special cosmetic effect and combined with massage application, help decongest tissues from excess fluid.

Recommended for

Women with superficial fat throughout the body. Perfect slimming treatment for the whole body, including the arms.

Women who wish to maintain and improve the results obtained with any of the other series products.

Women looking for a combinatorial quick absorption treatment for sculpting and firming the skin.


Apply a sufficient amount of product in the treatment areas two times a day for four weeks, gently massage in circular motions until completely absorbed. Regular use after 4 weeks of treatment (eg every two days) will help maintain the results achieved.

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