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Schwarzkopf Natural Styling #0 perm kit

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Schwarzkopf Natural Styling #0 perm kit

Transform your hair into bouncy and resilient curls with Schwarzkopf Natural Styling #0. This innovative perm kit features a unique waving active element that generates long-lasting curls while minimizing hair damage. Its low-odor formula, enriched with Chlorophyll, provides a refreshing and enjoyable perm experience, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a salon-quality perm at home.

To get the most out of this advanced perm kit, begin by assessing your hair quality and selecting the appropriate Schwarzkopf Professional Natural Styling kit. Ensure that your hair is clean but not massaged, rinse thoroughly, and gently towel dry to create a smooth base. Apply the Natural Styling Pre-Wrap Lotion to your hair and comb through for even distribution, allowing the Glycerol to treat your hair for greater resilience and moisture.

Select the wrapping technique and rods that best fit your preferred hairstyle, and evenly apply the Perm Lotion to each rod. Apply skin lotion to the hair borders and use damp, degreasing cotton wool to protect your hairline. Allow the Perm Lotion to process for 15 to 20 minutes, no longer than the recommended time, without additional heat. Rinse your hair thoroughly for five minutes with warm water and towel blot to remove excess moisture.

For neutralization, start at the nape of your neck and carefully apply two-thirds of the Neutralizer to each perm rod, leaving it to process for five minutes. Then, apply the remaining one-third of theNeutralizer to the hair's lengths and ends, leaving it to process for an additional five minutes. Gently remove the perm rods without pulling your hair and rinse thoroughly with warm water for a minimum of five minutes to ensure all Neutralizer is removed.

Schwarzkopf Natural Styling #0 is an excellent choice for those seeking long-lasting and low-maintenance curls. Its unique waving active element and low-odor formula enriched with Chlorophyll provide a refreshing and enjoyable perm experience while minimizing hair damage. The Pre-Wrap Lotion with Glycerol helps to treat your hair for greater resilience and moisture, resulting in frizz-free and defined curls.

Choose Schwarzkopf Natural Styling #0 for a salon-quality perm experience at home. Follow the easy steps, and enjoy beautifully defined curls that last. Get your kit today and transform your hair into gorgeous and resilient curls that will turn heads.

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