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Refectocil Eyelash Tint Eyebrow Tinting Dye Henna Graphite 15ml

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  • Brand: RefectoCil
  • Product Code: 2352
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  • $14.30
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Refectocil Eyelash Tint Eyebrow Tinting Dye Henna Graphite 15ml

Refectocil Eyelash Tint Eyebrow Tinting Dye  Henna Graphite is an excellent choice for enhancing the beauty of eyebrows and lashes. This high-quality eyebrow and eyelash tinting dye is designed to provide intense color and effectively hide gray or white hair, making it ideal for individuals with gray hair. The Graphite shade is perfect for people who prefer a discreet yet striking look. 

Moreover, Graphite henna can be mixed with other RefectoCil henna colors to create a cooler, more refined color, which is perfect for those with a cool skin tone. By using Graphite henna, you can achieve a beautiful, natural-looking eyebrow and lash color that enhances your features and complements your overall appearance.

Whether you want to emphasize your natural beauty or experiment with a new look, RefectoCil's Graphite Henna is a versatile and effective option for eyebrow and eyelash tinting. So, if you're looking for a reliable and high-quality eyebrow and lash tinting dye, consider trying RefectoCil's Graphite Henna today.

How to use:

Preparation: use RefectoCil Silicone Pads or Skin Protection Cream and Eye

protection papers according to instructions.

Mix 2 cm of tint and 10 drops of RefectoCil Oxidant liquid or 15-20 drops of

RefectoCil Oxidant cream to create a creamy paste. Apply to eyelashes and


Leave on for 10 minutes.

Remove by using cotton wool and water.

If RefectoCil Blonde Brow has been previously used, the application time is

shortened by 1-5 minutes, with RefectoCil Eyelash Curl it’s shortened to 2 minutes.

*RefectoCil Oxidant liquid or RefectoCil Oxidant cream is not included, please order separately

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