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OXY Cover Maximum Strength Acne cream 25g

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  • Brand: Oxy
  • Product Code: 2414
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $21.80
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OXY Cover Maximum Strength Acne Pimple cream 25g

OXY Cover Maximum Strength Acne Pimple cream is an effective acne-pimple medication which clears pimples fast.
Kills acne bacteria that cause pimples: Unlike acne medicines which fight pimples only with keratolytic action, the Benzoyl Peroxide in Oxy Cover actually kills the acne bacteria that cause pimples.
Helps dry up excessive oil: When applied to pimple areas Oxy Cover helps dry up excessive oil.
Helps unblock pores: it helps keep skin clear by helping to unblock pores which have become clogged with blackheads and oily secretions.
Hides pimples: oxy cover is a flesh tone, odorless, greaseless cream that covers up acne pimples while it treats them.

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