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Nioxin System 4 Scalp Therapy 300ML

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  • Brand: Nioxin
  • Product Code: 1013
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  • $22.50
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Nioxin System 4 Scalp Therapy 300ML

Nioxin System 4 Scalp Therapy is a conditioner for chemically enhanced hair. Restores the moisture in the scalp, skin and hair. Protects the scalp from the harsh drying effects of chemical treatments. Nioxin System 4 Scalp Therapy helps protect nutrients as they moisturize the scalp and hair.

Nioxin System 4 Scalp Therapy - for fine,chemically enhanced (coloured) hair that is noticeably thinning - is a conditioner that mosturizes and energizes. BioAMP adds thickness from inside the hair cuticle and strengthens the hair shaft. Bionutrients and Glyco-Fused complex, a proprietary infusion of herbs and botanicals, safeguard the scalp from drying irritation caused by chemical services and extend longevity and vibrancy of colour. Unique "scalp access" delivery system helps protect nutrients as they nourish the scalp and hair.

Adds Thickness.

Strengthens hair shaft.

Moisturizes scalp and hair.

Directions of Use:

Generously apply Nioxin Scalp Therapy

Distribute through your hair and scalp

Leave on for 1-3 minutes

Rinse well

Towel dry excess water from your hair

Follow with appropriate Nioxin treatment

Use after NIOXIN Cleanser System 4 and follow with NIOXIN Scalp Treatment System 4.

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