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Merz Contractubex Gel 20G

Merz Contractubex Gel 20G
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  • Brand: Merz
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Merz Contractubex Gel 20G

The number of clinical studies have shown that Merz Contractub​ex Gel  can be effective:

* Diminished scar marks
* To improve the color and size of the scar
* Soften scar
* Relieve symptoms caused by scars, such as itching, tightening, pain
* Inhibition of excessive proliferation of scar tissue cells, preventing the   growth of scar continued to reduce and prevent proliferation of [Hypertrophic] and keloid of [Keloid] scar formation
* Added scar water, improving the new and old scars hop tight situation

Merz Contractub​ex Gel Treatment made in Germany ,the scar gel promotes blood flow to a transparent water-soluble cream, quickly absorbed by the skin, not greasy, it rubbed in  scar removal cream, the skin surface does not have any residue does not affect appearance and does not stain clothing. More scar tissue in the sensitive surface of a layer of protective film. It applies to all new and old, sunken and protruding, sclerosis and hypertrophic scars, such as accident trauma, burns, burns, surgery, gynecological surgery scar generated. More suitable for printing 』『 acne and other skin problems caused by scar.

How to use this scar treatment:
In general, treatment of scars depends on the size, depth or extent of contraction, and between old and new decisions, so the time course of treatment varies. Harder, larger or more old scars may need 3-6 month course of treatment or longer. As the water down the scar tissue, patients need to have perseverance and patience. 
Merz Contractub​ex Gel promote blood flow to use, absolutely safe.

With English Instruction.

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