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Kiss Me Heroine Volume and Curl Mascara

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Kiss Me Heroine Volume and Curl Mascara

Kiss Me Heroine Volume and Curl Mascara Special Strong waterproof, such as tears, sweat and grease. Maintaining lasting beauty.
With the shape curly polymer,maintain eyelash curl.
Kiss Me Heroine Volume and Curl Mascara including tiny fiber, curl set polyma extract, and volume up wax to volume and curl your eyelash keep stay long lash and treat moist and shine. Tightly close to the eyelashes, thick eyelashes that would not stick together.

130% VOLUME UP WAX with enriched curling polymer can complete each coated lashes and difficult to agglomerate, achieve distinct eyelashes with UNLIMITED VOLUME & CURL.

This well protect your mascara from sweat, water, grease, and even tear proof self-curl mascara. The moisturizes with camomile extract and Camellia(emolient) extract to make eyelash smooth and show beautiful. Pure black color. Apply slowly from the root of eyelashes. For better result, use eyelashes curler before applying mascara.


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