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Kerastase Specifique Intensive Scalp and Hair Treatment 10x6ml

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  • Brand: Kerastase
  • Product Code: 2379
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  • $58.60
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Kerastase Specifique Intensive Scalp and Hair Treatment 10x6ml

Kerastase Specifique Intensive Scalp and Hair Treatment is designed for men and women with degenerated hair and scalp to combat hair loss and improve the quality of new hair. It repairs and strengthens hair fibers by penetrating deep into the scalp, thereby preventing oxidative hair reactions, hormonal changes, and seasonal effects and pollution. Enriched with innovative and powerful key ingredients like Aminexil, GlucoLipide GL and Madecassoside, Kerastase Cure Anti-Chute Treatment forms a protective barrier against hair damage and breakage while stimulating fibril growth to restore elasticity and suppleness. With continued use, hair becomes stronger, thicker, shinier and overall healthier.


Designed for men and women for thinning hair

Clinically proven to help reduce hair thinning rates*

Provides better traction resistance and less breakage during styling

Hair Enhanced, Thicker and Stronger

It regains volume, shine and flexibility

Hair is silky smooth. no oil at the root

*Clinical Trials. 119/130 people with placebo. Apply daily for 6 weeks

How to use:

Apply 3 times a week for 6 weeks on dry or towel dry hair. One dose equals one application. Distribute segment by segment on the scalp. Massage with fingertips. Treatment should continue for 6 to 8 weeks. Seasonal treatments are available as needed. Spray Stimuliste can be used intermittently or daily between seasonal treatments. Bain Prevention Shampoo should also be used as your regular shampoo to remove pollutants and activate microcirculation.

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