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IMJU Dejavu Lasting-Fine Eyeliner

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  • Brand: Imju
  • Product Code: 1072
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $19.50
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IMJU Dejavu Lasting-Fine Eyeliner

IMJU Dejavu Lasting-Fine Eyeliner  is the ultimate 24-hour eyeliner which provides super holding power. IMJU Dejavu Lasting-Fine Eyeliner is soft and gentle to skin with revolutionary silicon fixing ingredient makes it last long!It allows you to draw smooth, real black eye lines. The gel-type eyeliner is sebum-resistant, sweat-resistant and tear-resistant. So, the eye lines drawn with this soft eyeliner are clear and last all day. It resists oil, sweat and tears for a long-wearing, rub-proof finish.

The real black eyeliner creates bright and piercing eyes. IMJU Dejavu Lasting-Fine Eyeliner 's ductility is excellent. You can draw eye lines between eyelashes, interior eye lines and lower eye lines with ease.

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