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Gatsby EX HI Bleach hair colour

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  • Brand: Gatsby
  • Product Code: 460
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  • $14.99
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Gatsby EX HI Bleach hair colour

Gatsby EX HI Bleach hair colour extreme bleaching power fully penetrates even the roots of your hair giving you maximum bleached effect.

Gatsby EX HI Bleach hair colour  has strong bleaching power that allows you to bleach your hair easily, meanwhile, the 3 amino acids moisturizes and repairs damaged hair. No more intense bleach odor, EX HI Bleach comes in a pleasant fruity scent. Weight: Powder 18g, Water 70ml, Cream 35g

Special Features

  • Excellent bleaching and long lasting power.
  • Formulation with smooth and shine agent for coating effect.
  • Contains 3 amino acid.
  • Aqua fruity fragrance that masks the unpleasant sharp odor of bleach.

How To Use

  1. Mix the powder and the water. Fix the water on the box and add all the powder by inserting container into the water opening. Shake wellto mix fully(shake quickly about 30 times).
  2. Mix the water-powder with the cream. Add all the cream. Shake well to mix fully (shake quickly about 30 times).
  3. After mixing, apply immediately. Do not leave the mixture but switch the cap to the nozzle immediately. Apply bleach evenly onto dry hair. Wait for 5 to 30 minutes until the desired brightness of color is achieved.
  4. Rinse off the bleach mixture. When the desired brightness of color is achieved, rinse off the bleach mixture then shampoo, and finish with conditioner. Note: Upon rinsing, avoid coming into contact with eyes.

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