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Collistar Perfect Body Firming Shower Oil 400ml

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  • Brand: Collistar
  • Product Code: 1738
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $29.10
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Collistar Perfect Body Firming Shower Oil 400ml

A daily beauty treatment which guarantees perfect hygiene and silky-soft skin. The result of an extremely advanced technology, this oil is based on a highly concentrated mix of pure oils and extracts of linden and rose, which *cleanse the body gently, leaving it soft and moisturized even without the use of after-bath products, and *contributes to giving tone, vitality and compactness to the skin, preventing slackening and making it extraordinarily smooth and silky. The dual function of perfect cleansing and treatment is carried out by simply massaging a small amount onto the damp body and rinsing it off with the shower spray. The dermo-nourishing and emollient substances perform a firming and moisturizing action on the skin. The delicacy of the product makes it ideal for use after exposure to the sun and for prolonging the tan.

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