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Bioderma Sensibio (Crealine) Forte Cream 40ml

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  • Brand: Bioderma
  • Product Code: 2104
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  • $21.70
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Bioderma Sensibio (Crealine) Forte Cream 40ml

Bioderma Sensibio (Crealine) Forte Cream quickly relieves biological reactive signs related to inflammation (rubbing, after shave rash, hair removal, peeling, post-laser, solar erythema, etc.) and increases the skin's tolerance threshold.  

Its soothing active ingredients, including allantoin and a high concentration of enoxolone, quickly relieve reactive signs such as redness and overheating.  

The D.A.F. (Dermatological Advanced Formulation) patented natural complex makes the skin less reactive.

Beeswax and xylitol, moisturising and moistening agents found in Sensibio Forte, combat the skin dehydration that often accompanies irritation and thus lastingly restore skin comfort.

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