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Somatoline Advance 1 Tummy and Hips Treatment 150ml

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  • Brand: Somatoline
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Somatoline Advance 1 Tummy and Hips Treatment 150ml

Fats localized on belly and hips accumulate and reappear more easily. To fight it effectively in addition to a healthy lifestyle, two factors are important:
- the use of a slimming treatment with a targeted action formula, 
- a regular application of this treatment.

Somatoline Advance 1 Tummy and Hips Treatment 150ml with formula enriched with active ingredients for a potentiated efficiency, reduces circumference and size of hips with only one application per day. It contains the ReduxAdvance -complex, a complex enriched with a phytoderivate slimming active which helps to increase the burning of fat deposits and through the application by massage, offers a triple action:

- it promotes the reduction of localized fat on the belly and hips,
- it acts by gradual release to intensify and prolong the slimming action,
- it helps to combat the recurrence of localized fat, even after the end of the treatment.

The ReduxAdvance -complex contains a transport molecule which increases the bioavailability of lipolytic actives, thereby improving their slimming activity.

Results: An instrumental test was conducted on 81 subjects with mild to moderate localized superficial fat on the belly and hips. After 4 weeks of treatment we note:
- a reduction in hip circumference (under the buttocks) until 4cm - Average loss: 2.3 cm,
- a refined body shape.

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