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Kerastase Fusio Dose Booster Discipline for Unruly Hair 120ml

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  • Brand: Kerastase
  • Product Code: 2340
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  • $54.00
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Kerastase Fusio Dose Booster Discipline for Unruly Hair 120ml

Kerastase Fusio Dose Booster Discipline for Unruly Hair is part of the Fusio Dose professional hair care series. Its unique formula contains highly concentrated active ingredients designed to solve all your hair problems. This essence can solve hair problems such as frizz, wavy, curly hair, and difficult-to-care problems. It can help tame irregular hair and provide instant smoothness, which is three times smoother than ordinary hair, and can make hair softer, no longer frizzy, free of cumbersomeness and easy to manage. The beauty of Fusio-Dose is that you can create tailor-made solutions according to your hair needs, and meet your hair needs by mixing the concentrate with different types of boosters, combining different hair care into One. The fresh fusion treatment with the initial dose will fundamentally treat your hair and instantly change it for long-lasting results.


For Frizzy, Unruly, Curly hair

Provides Anti-Frizz Protection


Delivers Regeneration

1 Booster fills 10 Vials of Concentre

Cruelty-free/No Animal Testing


Kerastase Fusio Dose is most effective when applied to hair section by section. If your hair is short or not very thick, you can visually determine which sections of hair have received treatment and which have not as you go. However, if you have long or thick hair, consider using hair clips to differentiate one section from the next while applying treatment.

Concentrate and boosters must be mixed together and apply directly to the hair using either a spray bottle or your hands. Massage the treatment into your hair thoroughly, making sure to condition the entirety of each length. Keep track of which sections of hair you applied treatment to as you go. Give sections of your hair that are particularly dry or damaged a bit of extra attention.

When you cover all of your hair, allow the treatment to sit for one minute, and then rinse it out with warm water. You should see a noticeable difference in your hair immediately after applying the Kerastase Fusio Dose. To keep your hair as healthy and shiny as possible, repeat this process once a week. One treatment depending on hair type and environmental conditions should less from 5-10 shampoos.

Remove the cap from the concentrate vial

Pour the consistency of the booster into the concentre vial

Put on the sprayer (snaps on)

Shake well

Spray evenly on towel dried hair

Comb through with a wide-tooth comb

Leave it on for 10 seconds (This treatment works instantly)

Rinse out

Note: Please clean the dispenser by spraying a warm water through it. It is reusable sprayer and can be use many times. For additional help please refer to video

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