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Ducray Creastim Lotion 2 x 30ml

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  • Brand: Ducray
  • Product Code: 1818
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  • $47.00
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Ducray Creastim Lotion 2 x 30ml

Ducray Creastim Anti-hair Loss Lotion stimulates the main factors responsible for maintaining the growth phase of hair and scalp microcirculation and inhibites the hair loss. 

The fluid against hair loss

Periodic hair loss.
It prevents hair loss and accelerates their growth.
Creatine + Tetrapeptide + Vitamin B5, B6, biotin.
Without parabens.
Creastim fluid, rich in creatine, tetrapeptide and vitamins, is a periodic solution to the problem of hair loss. The complex of active ingredients acts as a real catalyst for the growth phase of hair *: stimulates the hair follicle cell division, provides the necessary energy and stimulates the main factors responsible for maintaining the growth phase of hair and scalp microcirculation. In this way, the hair becomes stronger, recover density and volume and their loss is inhibited.

With a light consistency of preparation is quickly absorbed, not greasy hair. Already after the first few applications, the hair becomes stronger, gaining vitality and volume. Thanks to the very good tolerability liquid can be used even in people prone to irritation of the scalp.

* The active ingredients tested in vitro.

Indications for use:
PERIODIC hair loss

Caused by post-natal period, stress, fatigue ...

Periodic hair loss occurs mostly in women and is caused by a reaction to external stimuli such as stress, postpartum period, the changing seasons, the use of drugs, emotional shock ...

How to use:

Apply 10 sprays on dry scalp, three times a week.

After the application of fluid should be performed scalp massage, which provides better absorption of fluid.

Do not rinse.

After application of the preparation do not wash hair for at least 2 hours.

Use of the product continue for at least two months.

One pack is a complete 2-month-long treatment.

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