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Alfaparf Blends Of Many Energizing Lotion 12x10 ml

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  • Brand: Alfaparf
  • Product Code: 2347
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $15.90
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Alfaparf Blends Of Many Energizing Lotion 12x10 ml

Alfaparf Blends Of Many is a men's line of professional products. Alfaparf Blends Of Many Energizing Lotion is an intensive treatment for weak hair, it helps fight the hair loss process. Hair becomes stronger and thicker. A special blend of active ingredients soothes scalp irritation and improves microcirculation and hair follicle activity. The treatment is for weak hair.


Protects hair from damage caused by air pollution

Prevents fine particles and heavy metals from entering the hair, which contribute to the proliferation of free radicals

Antioxidant, soothes scalp irritations

 Stimulates, stimulates microcirculation and activity of hair follicles

Revitalizes, adds new energy to the hair fibers, the hair becomes soft

 Helps fight the hair loss process

5 times stronger hair.

Hair thickness per cm2 higher by 11%

Strengthens hair follicles

Softening and soothing effect

Film-forming polymer

Professional product

How to use:

Apply to the scalp after washing the hair, massage in using a circular motion to aid absorption. Do not rinse. After completing a treatment with Energizing Lotion, keep hair looking its best by using Rebalancing Tonic.


Hair 5 times stronger*

+11% thicker hair for cm 2 *

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