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Alfaparf Blends Of Many Beard Skin Balm 100ml

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  • Brand: Alfaparf
  • Product Code: 2346
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $20.00
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Alfaparf Blends Of Many Beard Skin Balm 100ml

Beard and skin balm. Softens the beard and hydrates the skin without leaving it oily.

Infused with Urban Defence Pro and active ingredient black tea, with a vibrant fragrance using notes of star anise, sandalwood and patchouli.

How to use:

Distribute over the beard and face, massage to promote absorption.

Urban Defence Pro: The ALFAPARF MILANO’s technology designed to: protect hair from the damaging effects of pollution; prevent dust and heavy metals from entering the hair and triggering the production of free radicals

Black Tea: A natural active ingredient with 3 fundamental benefits for men’s hair: anti-oxidant - soothes irritated skin; stimulating - boosts the skin’s micro-circulation and follicle activity; revitalising - gives the hair new energy, leaving it soft and shiny.

*Clinical-instrumental tests 1 hour after using the product

**Clinical-instrumental tests after 7 days of product use

+16% facial moisturising* immediately

Softer beard in 90%**of men

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